Hi there.

Welcome to Blogging From My Art. I am so happy to have you here with me and hope that you enjoy my art and my blog.

My name is Mandy van Zyl and I started this blog so that I could share my art and some life experience with you and hope to get to know you and your art life experiences too.

I currently live in Louth in the United Kingdom and I am so blessed to call this quaint little village my home. I’m originally from Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe and then moving on to South Africa when I was fifteen where I lived for about thirty odd years.

The weather in England is pretty unpredictable and really so different from the sunny South Africa that I am used to. But I love it here and I most certainly would not want to live anywhere else in this word.

I have always loved art and craft, unfortunately, I have not had enough time to do what I have always wanted to and that is paint. So I created this blog to live my dream of creating and painting and using my talents to better myself and to share with the world what I love doing the most.